Our Project

Since 2012 we have been developing players in our Summer Camps. We have worked with the best male and female athletes in Portugal helping them hop to the next step in their careers.

We have proven results on the improvement of in-game performances through the season, either working with established veterans or up-and-coming young athletes.

Career bests, injury-free seasons, and plenty of team successes are the norm.

The focus of the training is based on each player specific needs. We work on athleticism, skills, tactical reads. Each athlete can work up to 6 hours a day during our two month camps. 260 potential hours of highly specialized training to make you BETTERr!




Team Elite

Gonçalo Marques

Co-Founder | Project Manager

Nuno Monteiro

Co-Founder | Elite Camp Co-Manager | Trainer

Ricardo Robalo

Co-Founder | Elite Camp Co-Manager | Trainer

Ana Alves

Youth Camps's Manager

David Andrade

Coach | Logistics

Sérgio Del Campo Carpintero

Coach | Basketball Consultant

As a growing project we are always looking for new assets to our teams. Professionals can send us their curriculum via or send us a message right below.

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